Using our carpet cleaners couldn't be easier!

Whilst all of our machines come with instructions, we are happy to show you how to use them on delivery. We also thought that you might find these videos helpful. And if you used a Rug Doctor® before, then you are sure to be surprised. Rent one of our carpet cleaners and see for yourself!

It's important to choose the right carpet cleaning shampoo and pre-treatment detergent to suit your needs! Using a BISSELL formula can maximise the performance of the carpet cleaning machine, because our range of detergents are specifically designed to tackle a wide variety of stains and odours. We have carpet and upholstery shampoos and detergents specifically for pets, allergen removal, heavy traffic and more. Visit our Carpet Detergents page to choose the right shampoo and pre-treatment detergent.

Using your carpet cleaner

Get professional level results with our carpet cleaning machines. Check out this video for easy step-by-step instructions for using a Big Green® Deep Carpet Cleaning Machine in your home.

Using a hose and stain tool

The 9ft hose and the 6-inch stain tool make it easy to tackle those tough spots and stains and difficult-to-reach areas. Watch this video for simple step-by-step instructions on how to use carpet cleaning machine's accessories.

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