Double the life of your carpets with regular deep cleaning

You spend hours cleaning your home and hoovering carpets. However, vacuuming carpets alone is not enough sometimes. In some cases, vacuuming can disturb and release dust mite waste and other allergens into the air. Your carpets deserve to be just as clean as the rest of your home. 

Thorough deep cleaning not only removes dirt and stains making carpets look clean and smell fresh, it also reduces wear to the pile and prolongs their life as well as reduces and removes allergens, such as dust mite waste, pollen and others.

Your carpets are mainly damaged by what you can't see - the deep down dirt and grit, which wear away any stain resistance and cut fibres when they are walked on or in the areas, where children frequently play or pets' favourite spots. High traffic paths in your house can flatten the pile of your carpets because of fibre abrasion, which, if not deep cleaned, could lead to fibre loss and damage your carpet. Regular deep carpet cleaning can double the life of your carpets, remove the toughest stains, odour and deep down dirt. Our carpet cleaning machines use heated water to extract dirt and allergens from deep down in fibres of your carpets. Combined with our range of professional carpet shampoos and pre-cleaning and stain removal detergents, you can remove tough stains, such as pet urine and odour, tracked-in dirt, red wine, coffee and many more as well as allergens, protecting your family from duty mite waste, pet dander and pollen.

It's important to choose the right carpet cleaning shampoo and pre-treatment detergent to suit your needs! Using a BISSELL formula can maximise the performance of the carpet cleaning machine, because our range of detergents are specifically designed to tackle a wide variety of stains and odours. We have carpet and upholstery shampoos and detergents specifically for pets, allergen removal, heavy traffic and more. Visit our Carpet Detergents page to choose the right shampoo and pre-treatment detergent for you.

Here is how to get the best results when washing your carpets using our products:



Clear the area

To get the best results all over your carpets, clear the areas you are about to deep clean. This will ensure that all of the carpet in that area can be evenly and thoroughly cleaned. If you cannot remove the furniture from the room, place it in the centre of the room so that the perimeter can be cleaned first. Put plastic or clingfilm under the legs and bases.

Vacuum your carpets

Vacuum your carpet to remove any loose dirt, debris and pet hair and to prepare your carpet for deep cleaning.

Pre-treat tough stains

Blot up any wet carpet stains with a clean cloth. Test a small hidden area for colourfastness with your chosen pre-treatment spray and check when dry.

Shake your pre-treatment  detergent well, turn nozzle to "Spray" position and generously spray every over soiled area without overweening it. Let soak for 3-5 minutes and blot up with a clean, damp, colour-safe cloth. Rinse cloth and repeat as needed. Allow carpet to dry thoroughly.

Contact us if you have any questions about which pre-treatment stain remover to use.

Wash your carpets

Fill the clean water tank with hot tap water and two capful of your chosen carpet leaning solution. Make slow forward and backward wet passes while pressing the red trigger on the handle. Then, to suction the water from the carpet, make the same slow forward and backward pass without pressing the trigger. To help speed along the drying process repeat this step multiple times until you no longer see water flowing into the top (dirty water) tank. If you are tackling a large room or especially dirty carpet, the clean water tank may need to be refilled and dirty water emptied during the cleaning process.

Prepare to return your carpet cleaner

Once the carpet appears clean in every part of the room, you're done! Simply remove water tanks from the carpet cleaning machine, empty and the dirty water tank and rinse it, empty and rinse the clean water tank and remove any debris from the brush roll area. And that's it! Now relax, enjoy your clean and fresh carpet and wait for us to pick up the machine.



Please also visit other How To pages for more details on how to rent and use our carpet cleaners.

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What else you will need to rent your carpet cleaner 

Please remember to provide a valid photographic ID (a passport or a driving license) and a recent (within 3 months) proof of address (an utility bill, bank statement, council tax bill or a HRMC Self Assessment Tax Return). 

Don't forget!

In order to achieve desired results, it is recommended to thoroughly vacuum the areas prior to cleaning in order to remove any loose dirt and pet hair.

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