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The right carpet cleaning detergent is essential to getting the best results. Our carpet cleaning machines should only be used with Bissell® carpet cleaning detergents designed for Big Green Deep Cleaning Machine. We offer a wide variety of detergents and spot cleaners to cater for your needs. Browse below to find the most suitable detergent or a combination of cleaning formulas to suit you and we'll deliver them with your carpet cleaning machine when you rent.

Tough Stain Pre-Cleaner

Spot Cleaner and Stain Pre-Treatment is a tough cleaner in its own right. It improves deep cleaning effectiveness and helps remove stubborn stains and embedded soils when used as a pre-treatment on high traffic areas and difficult stains in preparation for deep cleaning. It can also be used to help remove stains and spots such as coffee, gravy, ground in dirt, motor oil, jam and sweet and sour sauce:

  • Penetrates oily soils and looses deep carpet stains
  • Helps remove spots and stains like gravy, coffee, motor oil, jam and embedded dirt
  • Safe for use on stain-resistant carpet
  • Leaves carpet soft and fresh without sticky residue
  • Contains no phosphorous or artificial dyes
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Great for carpets and upholstery 
650 mL
Wash & Protect PRO

Bissell's Wash & Protect Stain & Odour carpet cleaning formula is one of the best professional strength cleaning detergents that removes extra tough stains and odours:

  • Contains double the quantity of non-volatile cleaning agents for professional style results
  • 2 x Concentrated for ease of storage, use, a lower carbon footprint and great value for money (equivalent to 3 litres of carpet shampoo)
  • Contains Scotchguard to protect carpets and upholstery against future stains and soiling
1.5 L

Allergen Detergent  

Bissell's Allergen detergent cleans, whilst removing allergens:

  • Removes embedded household allergens, like dust, pet dander and pollen
  • Leaves carpets fresh and revitalised without sticky residue
  • Great for carpets and upholstery
1.53 L
946 mL

Don't forget!

In order to achieve desired results, it is recommended to thoroughly vacuum the areas prior to cleaning in order to remove any loose dirt and pet hair.

Alongside our first-class carpet cleaners, we rent professional vacuum cleaners with that famous smile, loved and appreciated by users everywhere. Our powerful Henry vacuum cleaners bring professional cleaning to all, easy to use and are packed full of innovative features, such as energy saving technology and Heppa-Flo filtration, saving your running costs. All our Henry hoovers come with brand new dust bags to ensure hygiene and best performance.

So, why not add a Henry to your order for only £9.99 and we will deliver it to your door along with your carpet cleaner and detergents at the time suitable to you!

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